This is our most affordable level 2 EVSE. This charger cord is water-resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Rated 16 amps at 240V, it will charge most electric cars completely in about 6-7 hours. Suitable for all electric vehicles sold in North America. If you need to charge from a standard 120V wall outlet, you can use the charging cord that came with your car, but if you have access to a 240V outlet you can charge twice as fast with this portable 240V EVSE. Working temperature: -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F). Works at 240V only.

Length, 25 ft. Plug type, customizable – please specify when you order.

If unsure, we recommend choosing the universal plug. Then you can plug in to 4-prong dryer outlets and RV/campground outlets, and you can use any of the 14-50R adapters found in this category to plug in to other types of 240V outlets.


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