If you have an electric vehicle that is not a Tesla, and would like to be able to charge at Tesla charging stations, then this adapter is for you. It converts the signal from the Tesla station to make it possible to charge your vehicle. Fits all Tesla level 2 stations that have the modified IEC62196 (Type 2 “Mennekes”) style connector – basically everywhere except North America or Japan. It can be very useful if you already have a Tesla charger in your garage and wish to use it for your second electric vehicle, or if you wish to charge at a public Tesla charging station and have permission to do so. Note, it can be used at all level 2 AC Tesla stations, but will not work at Tesla Superchargers.

The male connector is not a normal IEC62196-2 connector – it is a special size giving it the ability to connect properly to the Tesla charging cords.

With this adapter, you can charge your non-Tesla vehicle on a European Tesla destination charging station.

The adapter has a special circuit that allows your car to interface with the Tesla charging system.

This adapter cable has all of the pins needed to maintain all functionality and safety protocols used by IEC62196, J-3068, and Tesla charging systems.

This is compatible with all Tesla portable and stationary chargers from 240-415VAC. (BUT NOT SUPERCHARGERS)

It is mandatory that you verify that the charger you are connecting to does not exceed your EV’s voltage rating.

To the best of our knowledge the adapter should be compatible with any vehicle that uses the IEC62196 connector and protocols up to 40 KW.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is not to be used with the Tesla Supercharger Network.