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NEMA 14-50R to TT-30P Adapter - New, improved design!

NEMA 14-50R to TT-30P Adapter - New, improved design!


This unique adapter makes it possible to plug in your electric vehicle at the 30 amp outets commonly found at campgrounds and RV parks. These "TT-30" outlets are only 120 volt, but can supply double the current of regular household outlets. Using this adapter, Tesla vehicles can charge in half the time compared to a regular 120 volt outlet.

We currently stock three different varieties of this adapter - one with a 2 ft. cable, one compact model, and our newest ultra-compact model. All of them function the same. We recommend the ultra-compact model - it's small and easy to carry around, and because the inlet is at a right-angle it will not accidentally get pulled out.

Note: The TT-30 outlets found at campgrounds could easily confused with NEMA 10-30 dryer outlets due to their similar appearance. If you're not sure, give us a call. The TT-30 outlets supply 120 volts at 30 amps - so you can potentially charge at twice the speed of a regular outlet, depending on the capability of your vehicle's charger.

Caution: Other similar adapters available elsewhere are made for RV use and will not work for EV charging as they are wired differently. Our adapters are specially designed for electric vehicle charging, and have been tested to work with Tesla Model S, Model X, and JuiceBox. Not suitable for RV use.

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