Now available with your choice of CHAdeMO or CCS Combo connector!

This portable quick charger for your electric vehicle is small enough to easily fit in your car, and light enough (37½ lbs.) to carry using its built-in handle. Outputs up to 20 amps. The standard configuration features cable with NEMA 14-50 plug. If you want a different type of plug, let us know and we can customize it. You can plug in to any outlet using our NEMA 14-50 EV adapters. You can even plug in to a J1772 charging station using our optional J1772 adapter. The photo here shows a Mitsubishi iMiEV charging at a public J1772 charging station using our portable quick charger. For full current operation, a 40 amp or greater outlet is required – but you can still charge at lesser current outlets or charging stations by setting a lower output current using the touch-screen interface. Includes 3-year warranty provided by

Charge faster, every day:
While it is not nearly as fast or high-powered as typical public quick chargers which can go up to about 100 amps, it makes it possible for many vehicles to charge at regular 240V outlets and at public level 2 charging stations in a fraction of the time that it would otherwise take. The Mitsubishi iMiEV shown here can charge nearly 3 times as fast using our portable quick charger! A Nissan Leaf that normally takes 7 hours for a full charge can now charge in half the time! Your results will vary depending on your vehicle’s capabilities and the capacity of the electrical outlet or charging station that you’re plugging in to. Recommended for all vehicles with a CHAdeMO or CCS Combo inlet and 3.3KW charging capability, which normally take 6-7 hours to charge – you can potentially cut your charging time nearly in half! Vehicles with 6.6KW charging capability, which normally charge in 3-4 hours, will not experience a significant benefit.

A few perks that you get with our fast charger, that you don’t get with most level 2 chargers:
Features touch-screen interface with options for automatically cutting off at specified percentage or after a specified amount of time. In our tests the charger stops at 80% state of charge, just like at public quick charge stations. If a full charge is desired, charging can be re-initiated using the touch screen on the unit. Owners of electric vehicles in hot climates will appreciate that your car’s battery temperature management is activated when using this charger, keeping your car’s battery cool. Plugged in to a 240 volt outlet in your garage, this can serve as your main charger at home. You can also toss it in the car to use on long trips.

This charger is available with your choice of a CHAdeMO or CCS Combo handle. We also offer an option of a charger with interchangeable cords which includes one CHAdeMO and one CCS cord – so you can use the same charger for both vehicles. Choose from the available options on this page.

The CHAdeMO version is compatible with most Japanese and Korean makes, such as the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Kia Soul, Honda Fit, and several other models. For US and European vehicles, such as Chevy, BMW, and VW, we have a version with a CCS Combo handle. CCS Combo 1 is for US, and CCS Combo 2 is for Europe.

*To use this charger, your vehicle must have a quick charge port.


Weight (charger only): 37½ lbs. (17 kg.)
Dimensions (charger only): 18 x 14 x 7 inches
Weight (including cords): 44 lbs.

Please be aware that EVSE Adapters is an independent supplier of electric vehicle chargers. Nissan Leaf™, Mitsubishi iMiEV™, Mitsubishi Outlander™, Kia Soul™, Honda Fit™, Chevy™, VW™, and BMW™ are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any mention of the preceding trademarks on this website are for informational purposes only and do not represent any affiliation or endorsement. EVSE Adapters and our products are not affiliated with or endorsed by the owners of those trademarks.

Weight N/A
Connector Type

CHAdeMO (for Japanese and Korean makes), CCS Combo 1 (US spec for GM, VW, BMW, etc.), CCS Combo 2 (EU spec for GM, VW, BMW, etc.), CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 1 (interchangeable), CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2 (interchangeable)

2 reviews for Portable CHAdeMO or CCS Combo DC Quick Charger

  1. David May (verified owner)

    Works well. Heavier than stated in the description, weight with cables is 50 lbs. a lot for “portable”. Be aware that DC chargers do not necessarily charge at the rated rate. The advertised rate is the max possible, depends on the vehicle system voltage. This charger charges at 10kw for a 500v system. A 400 v system charges at 8 kw and 300 at 6kw.

  2. Geocuts

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