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    These adapters are great for EV chargers that have NEMA 14-50 cords, and many of them work well with the Nissan Leaf. Please make sure you won’t be exceeding the current limit of your power source when using these adapters. Tesla drivers, please consider our Tesla-specific adapters instead, for the recommended solution. You will find them in our Tesla Gen1 and Gen2 categories, respectively.

  • EV Chargers, Charger...

    Portable, adjustable chargers and extension cords for your vehicle.

  • Adapters for...
  • Adapters & Extension...

    Go the extra mile with these reliable power cords designed for RV use.

  • NEMA 6-50 Adapters for...
  • Adapters for Tesla

    Adapters for Tesla vehicle charging

    Please select from one of the two subcategories below. If your vehicle was manufactured prior to 2018, you might need a Gen 1 adapter, but if your vehicle is a 2018 or newer model, it's most likely Gen 2.

  • International EV Adapters

    When traveling to other countries with your electric vehicle, or if you’re importing a vehicle from a country with different charging standards, use the adapters on this page to ensure you can charge up wherever you may be.

  • All Other Adapters,...

    Here you will find an assortment of power cords and adapters that didn’t quite fit into our other categories. Perhaps you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. If not, contact us – there’s a very good chance we can order exactly what you need from our supplier network, and if not then we’ll make it for you if possible.

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