NEMA L6-20P Twist-Lock to 14-50R Adapter
  • NEMA L6-20P Twist-Lock to 14-50R Adapter

NEMA L6-20P Twist-Lock to 14-50R Adapter

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Made with heavy duty 10 gauge cable.

Features NEMA L6-20 twist-lock plug on one end and NEMA 14-50 receptacle on the other end.

Length, 2 ft.

These types of outlets are found in a variety of locations, particularly where industrial equipment is commonplace. They can also be found in various locations as charging ports for the Nissan Leaf. With this adapter, you can charge your Tesla too.

If you're charging your Tesla with a Quick220 device, this is the adapter you would need. Make sure you remember to set the charging current before you plug in.

Optionally we can make this adapter with a 5-20 connector instead of the 14-50, to enable automatic setting of the current - if that is your desire, please contact us before ordering.

Note: This adapter is intended for electric car charging and therefore does not have a neutral connection. Please make sure it will work for your intended application before purchasing. Feel free to ask us and we'll gladly check for you.

Please be aware that EVSE Adapters is an independent supplier of Nissan™ and Tesla™-compatible charging adapters. EVSE Adapters and our products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla, Inc., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., or Quick 220 Electrical Systems. Tesla™ is a registered trademark of Tesla, Inc. Nissan Leaf™ is a registered trademark of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Quick220® is a registered trademark of Quick 220 Electrical Systems. Any mention of the preceding trademarks on this website are for informational purposes only and do not represent any affiliation or endorsement.

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