Tesla to J1772 Adapter
  • Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Tesla to J1772 Adapter

USD $89.99

With our new Tesla to J1772 adapter, now you can charge any electric vehicle at most Tesla charging stations in North America!

Color: Black
Max Amps: 48A
Product available with different options

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With our new Tesla to J1772 adapter, now you can charge any electric vehicle at most Tesla charging stations in North America! Perfect for those of you Tesla owners who also have another electric vehicle in the garage - use this adapter to charge both cars from your Tesla wall charger. You can also charge at public Tesla chargers while traveling. We offer a few variations of this product, depending on your application. Note that these adapters are intended for use with Tesla wall chargers and portable chargers, and do NOT work with Superchargers. Our adapters work with ALL production EVs sold in North America.

How to select the right adapter for your vehicle:

  • We recommend the compact version if your vehicle charges at 48 amps or less and you will only be charging at home. If your vehicle charges at under 40 amps, then the 40A adapter will work fine; if more than 40 but less than 48, you'll need the 48A version. These adapters work at all Tesla wall chargers (even gen 3) which are running in unrestricted mode. You can even charge safely at higher power chargers, since your vehicle will only pull as much power as it needs.
  • You'll need our 80 amp adapter if your vehicle charges at more than 48 amps AND you intend to use a Tesla charger that outputs more than 48 amps. Currently there are only a few vehicle models that are capable of exceeding 48 amps.

Our compact version adapter features an improved design for the Tesla inlet featuring a unique latching mechanism. There is also a small hole in the button on the upper side of the adapter through which you can insert a small padlock (not included) to prevent it from being removed from your vehicle while unattended.

For the best fitting connection to your vehicle, we use the highest quality components, and stand behind this product with the longest warranty in the industry, a full 3-year warranty.

Customers outside of North America, please note that this adapter is designed for Tesla charging stations in North America, and may not be compatible with Tesla charging stations in Europe - Tesla uses a different connector in America than in Europe, so if you're in another country please double-check before buying. We do offer a similar adapter for use at European Tesla charging stations - you will find it in our "International EV Adapters" category.

Photos of Tesla Supercharger and Destination Charger for comparison

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