Tesla CCS Adapter Firmware Update

Security reminder: For your safety, do not download from untrusted sources - to ensure the software you download is safe and genuine, always make sure the URL on this page begins with https://www.evseadapters.com/

To upgrade the firmware running on your Tesla CCS Adapter, please follow the instructions on this page. Many issues encountered while charging may be resolved by ensuring you're running the latest firmware. As issues are reported, new firmware will be released from time to time. Please check back here for any updates. If you still experience any issues while charging, after updating to the latest firmware, please feel free to notify us - make sure to mention the manufacturer of the charger you are experiencing trouble with, and any error messages that you see.

Note: This firmware and the instructions provided pertain only to the Tesla CCS Adapter sold by EVSE Adapters.

Instructions for Windows PC:

  1. Download the driver here: https://www.evseadapters.com/dlfiles/CH34x_Install_Windows_v3_4.EXE
  2. Run the software you just downloaded and click on the Install button.
  3. Once the driver has been installed, you can proceed to download the latest firmware revision from the link below.
  4. Use a micro-USB cord to connect your adapter to the computer (make sure it is a data transfer cord and not just a charger cord).
  5. Run the software you just downloaded and click on the "write" button. It should promptly begin transferring the update to your adapter. Note that the port number indicated may be different, and that is OK. Once it finishes updating, you may disconnect your adapter from the computer and turn off the adapter.

(Note: If you need to update again in the future using the same computer, you can skip steps 1-2)

Instructions for Apple computer users: Download the zip file, then extract the contents and follow the instructions in the readme file that is enclosed.

The latest available firmware, released 2022-07-11 is:

For Windows: V166-1 (click to download) [or] V166 (click to download)
For Mac OS: V166-1 (click to download) [or] V166 (click to download)

(Note: Please try V166-1 first. If that doesn't work, then try V166)

Release notes: Fixes the "arc flash error" message encountered at some chargers with the latest Tesla firmware

Previous versions:

2021.12.08 - V164-1 and V164
Solves the problem of some EVs not charging after software update, adds support for more chargers, and adds a Mac OS version of the update tool

2021.09.16 - V161-1 and V161
Solves the problem of some EVs not charging after software update

2021.04.20 - V150
Adjust timeout and timing to achieve better compatibility

2021.02.23 - V141
Optimize CCS side charging sequence to solve compatibility issues preventing charging with some chargers

2021.01.14 - V130 & V131
V131 Fix some chargers error of precharge no voltage, increase contract wait time
V130 Fix the problem where sometime charging stops shortly after starting
V129 Fix some chargers problem during cable check session

2021.01.05 - V128

2021.01.04 V126-1
Firmware and driver uploaded