Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the questions that we are often asked. Please check here first to see if you can find the answer to your question. If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Is your EV charger power converter weatherproof?
The transformer which is the main part of this device is enclosed in an enclosure which has vents to keep it cool. Therefore this product must be kept dry. If used outdoors, it must be protected from rain. However, to avoid overheating do not block the vents.

Do your Tesla adapters automatically set the correct charging rate just like Tesla’s OEM adapters?
All of our Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tesla adapters automatically set the correct charging rate for their plug type, exactly like the OEM adapters. Our Gen 1 Tesla adapters contain an internal circuit which tells the charger how many amps to pull, and our Gen 2 Tesla adapters have an embedded microchip which sets the charge rate, exactly like Tesla’s OEM adapters. Our Gen 2 adapters also have thermal protection – if the plug becomes too hot (usually due to a poorly fitting outlet) the adapter will tell your car to reduce the charging rate in order to prevent damage or risk of fire from overheating.

Why is my Tesla vehicle reducing power while charging?
Our Gen 2 Tesla adapters contain an internal thermal sensor. For your safety and to protect themselves from damage, if an abnormally high plug temperature is detected, it will tell your vehicle’s charger to reduce power. A high plug temperature is caused by a poor electrical connection, usually due to weathering of the outlet or loose fitting terminals. Electric vehicle charging is very demanding on a circuit since you’re pulling full power non-stop for several hours. While the outlet might work fine for other applications, it might start to overheat when charging your car. To determine the cause, check the actual plug temperature of the adapter when you get the notification that it is reducing power. When you see the error about plug temperature high, please pause charging by unplugging from your car or using the mobile app or touchscreen to pause charging, and then unplug from the wall outlet and carefully touch the prongs of the plug. It’s normal for them to feel warm, but if you can hold onto the prongs without burning yourself, they’re not too hot. In that case the thermal sensor inside the adapter may have been miscalibrated, and replacing the adapter should solve the problem. However, if either of the prongs of the plug are actually very hot, the next thing to inspect is the corresponding slot of your outlet. Shining a flashlight at it, the terminals inside should be shiny and with minimal space between them.

In this photo, you can see that the terminals are reasonably shiny and there is only a slight space between the terminals (indicated by the red lines). The space should be smaller than the thickness of the prongs of the plug, so that it will fit snugly with good electrical contact.  If it fits loosely or if there is corrosion on the terminals, the electrical contact will be poor and it will overheat. If the outlet appears to be in good shape, then it’s possible the adapter is defective, and you can contact us to make arrangements for return and replacement, in case that may solve the problem.

Regarding the adapter that plugs into a NEMA 10-30 or 10-50 outlet and has a green wire, what is that wire for?
The green wire on this adapter is used for grounding, since NEMA 10-30 and 10-50 outlets do not have a dedicated ground line. Simply plug the green wire into any nearby standard 120V wall outlet – it plugs into the ground hole of the outlet just like any other cord. If no such outlet is available, you can bond the wire to any earth-ground connection such as a grounding rod or cold-water pipe.

How quickly can you ship an item if I order it today?
Most of our items are stocked at our California (US) warehouse, although some items which are typically purchased by customers in Europe and Australia are stocked at our China warehouse. If the product is in stock, it can ship within one day. You can select Economy, Standard, or Expedited Delivery within the US. Economy shipping is free for most items but some larger items do have a flat rate shipping cost which you will see in your shopping cart. Economy shipping is usually by USPS First Class Mail for items under 1 lb, and by USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground for items over 1 lb. Expedited Delivery is usually by FedEx Express 2-Day or GLS Next Day. We may use a different shipping method at our discretion, as long as we believe it will arrive within the promised timeframe. Economy Shipping may take up to 2 weeks, Standard Shipping may take up to 1 week, and Expedited Shipping may take up to 3 days. For orders shipping to other countries outside the US, we offer international flat rate options. You will see these options with their estimated delivery times in your shopping cart at checkout.

Will I need to pay customs duties or taxes?
For shipments to a US address, you do not have to pay any customs duties or taxes. For shipments to a Canada address, you will see the PST in your shopping cart. We ship to Canada by DDP (delivered duty-paid) so you will not have to pay duties or taxes or any fees when your order crosses over the border into Canada. We pay these fees on your behalf. For shipments to all other countries, we ship by DAP (delivered at place) meaning any customs and duties are your responsibility. Many of our products are low enough in value that the customs fees are minimal if any, but ultimately the amount is the decision of your country’s customs office. We ship to nearly every country in the world.

Do you charge sales tax?
Only shipments to California are charged sales tax. We do not collect sales tax on shipments to other states. If you are in California but are tax-exempt, please contact us and provide a valid resale certificate so we can omit the sales tax from your order.

Are your products UL listed (or certified to other safety standards)?
All of our products have been made using top quality components and are designed to exceed all applicable safety standards. We are so confident in our products’ quality that we stand behind them with a leading 3 year warranty. However, unless otherwise stated in the product description, most of all products have not been tested by UL. The testing laboratory charges a very high fee for their certification, and we would rather invest that money into R&D to provide you with new innovative products.

What adapters are best for Tesla vehicles?
Our Gen 2 adapters are ideal for most Tesla vehicles. They are compatible with all Tesla vehicles made after 2018, including Model S, Model X, Mode 3, Modey Y, and Cybertruck. For charging a Tesla at RV parks, we recommend our NEMA 14-50 Gen 2 adapter and our TT-30 Gen 2 adapter. The NEMA 14-50 adapter works at RV sites that have “50 amp” service, and will charge your car at the fastest speed, while our TT-30 adapter works at RV sites that have “30 amp” service.

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