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This adapter lets you charge your Tesla Model 3 (or Model S or X with the Gen 2 UMC pictured below) at the CEE blue 3-pin 32 amp single phase caravan mains (commando) outlets (57mm diameter) found throughout Europe. One end is the blue 32 amp commando plug, and the other end is the Tesla Gen 2 connector.

For your safety, this adapter has an internal circuit that monitors the plug temperature and communicates with the car to automatically set the appropriate 32 amp charging current. No need to manually set the current – simply plug it in! Quantities are currently very limited for this exclusive item. Made in the USA by EVSE Adapters.

Which adapter do you need?

The first generation UMC used compact one-piece adapters that connect to the short cord of the UMC. Tesla’s second generation UMC, shipping with all new vehicles now, uses “pigtail” style adapters that insert into the UMC itself.

For US customers, if you received a new vehicle from Tesla after December 15th 2017, your vehicle should come with the Gen 2 UMC which can use this adapter.

For European customers, if your vehicle was produced after 3 December 2018, it should come with the Gen 2 UMC which can use this adapter.

If you’re not sure, take a look at the charger cord that came with your car, and compare to the pictures below:

If your Tesla came with the Gen 1 UMC, it will not work with this adapter – choose one of the adapters in the “Gen 1” category instead. All new Tesla vehicles come with the Gen 2 UMC and can use this adapter.

Weight 1 lbs


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