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Do you ever arrive at a public charging station only to find the cord doesn’t quite reach? Maybe the space has been ICE’d, or is occupied by a car that has finished charging. No worries – with the J1772 extension cord from, you can still plug in and charge, even if you have to park a few spots over.

Also very useful if you need to charge at a friend’s or relative’s house, but the nearest outlet is too far for your charging cord to reach. Don’t park on their lawn – use the J1772 extension cord instead. You can use it with your own home charging station, too.

This cord adds 20 feet while retaining all the safety features of the J1772 protocol including the pilot signal. Made with 10 AWG wire, suitable for up to 32 amps or 8KW. A must-have item for anyone who charges away from home!

Weight 5 lbs


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