With our J1772 to IEC C13 adapter, you can now charge your e-bike, electric scooter, moped, or other EV at all public J1772 charging stations even if you don’t have a J1772 inlet on your vehicle. Works great with Zero Motorcycles and many other electric motorcycles and e-bikes. You can also power anything that has a standard IEC C13 inlet. This adapter works by using a specially designed circuit inside the plug that basically tricks the charging station into thinking a vehicle is connected and ready to charge.

Warning: Make sure your EV charger or appliance is configured to operate on 240V before connecting to the charging station! Features a J1772 inlet and a C13 receptacle. You can refer to the label on your appliance’s power supply to confirm this. If the label indicates “100-250V” or similar, you should be OK. This adapter is compatible with the Bluetti power stations.

Weight 0.9375 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

13 reviews for J1772 to IEC C13 Adapter for Electric Motorcycle/Scooter

  1. Steven

    You are amazing to take my email from nothing and giving me all the options that I have to connect J1722 to an Ebike’s charger that I thought was stuck to only household outlet. I can’t believe you understand me as was hard for me to know and explain what the heck I was intending to do. I saw a device on YouTube, but I definitely don’t have the smarts to build my own. I appreciate all the long and late hours from emails. Also the wealth of knowledge you provided to me.
    Thank You In Advance,

  2. MrPRSTO

    Works great for charging my 2020 Zero FXS motorcycle. Great quality at half the price of what Zero charges for the same item.

  3. Kash (verified owner)

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  4. Jason C. (verified owner)

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    This is the second one I have purchased. Excellent quality and they work like a charm.

  5. Christine B. (verified owner)

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    I use this adapter on my 2015 Zero SR.

    Works great, and handy to have on trips.

    You’ll still charge at a Level 1 rate, but you can use many of the Level 2 public charging stations with this adapter.

  6. coreybabcock2011 (verified owner)

    I got into the internals of it and it’s basically two resistors in parallel and a diode going from the pilot pin to the ground pin and they use 14 ga cord not 12 ga to make it extra safe plus the part that the cord goes into wasn’t tighten down all the way and the body would turn separately from the cord sorta twisting the wires inside the unit I made a YouTube video of this plus here’s the pics of the internals

    Image #1 from coreybabcock2011
    Image #2 from coreybabcock2011
    Image #3 from coreybabcock2011
    • evseadapters (store manager)

      The resistor-diode combination is designed to pull the control pilot signal voltage down to 6V per the J1772 specification, which signals to the charger that it is connected and should be activated. This is how our adapter automatically initiates charging. You’ll notice that these components are securely shrink-sealed to protect them under outdoor use. If the cord is able to be twisted, possibly the strain relief cable gland may not have been tightened all the way – we will double-check this going forward. The 14 AWG cord we use is rated for up to 20 amps, which is much more than a typical ebike charger will need. Thank you for your review.

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

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    Is great and functions well

  8. Stanley R. (verified owner)

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    Great for longer trips

  9. Gary (verified owner)

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    Looks good. Couldn’t have made it myself for this price.

  10. Lionel (verified owner)

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    Great product. Worked as advertised. A few “tweaks” that I would suggest are: Screw covers/protectors to the metal threads that screw the plug to the assembly. Next is a extra longer cord, about a couple more inches if possible.

    Initially tried “threading” the cord through the center of my Zero S Motorcycle. There is a center hole located in my Zero S. I thread the C13 female plug end from the right side and it will exit the left side of the motorcycle. The left side is where you would plug the C13 cord to the bike to charge it up. I then curve the C13 female plug to the motorcycle outlet. The J1772 adapter side would sit opposite of this hole where I connect the public J1772 plug to the adapter. If not careful enough, the metal threads on the J1772 adapter side could make contact to the metal frame of the bike thus scratching the finish. For now I just use black duct tape as a “cushion” to prevent the screw threads from contacting the metal frame. As for the C13 plug end, a few more extra inches would help so the cord won’t bend too much.

    Overall, it is a great product and very convenient to use if no regular 110v outlet is nowhere nearby.

    I bought 2, just in case one gets stolen while I charge up my bike in a public charger. You just may never know these days anymore when someone steals it…….. :'(

    • evseadapters (store manager)

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for the helpful feedback! We’re beginning our next production batch now, and based on your comments the new cords will be a bit longer (2 ft now). We’re also planning to use rounded “acorn” nuts on the screws now so they can’t scratch your bike’s finish in case of contact. Feel free to email us, and we’ll send you a free upgrade kit in appreciation.

  11. Brad T. (verified owner)

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  12. Jacob H. (verified owner)

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    Works great for my 2016 Zero SR

  13. Russell Graves (verified owner)

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    Better PIX of IEC connector

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