With our J1772 to IEC C13 adapter, you can now charge your e-bike, electric scooter, moped, or other EV at all public J1772 charging stations even if you don’t have a J1772 inlet on your vehicle. You can also power anything that has a standard IEC C13 inlet.

Warning: Make sure your EV charger or appliance is configured to operate on 240V before connecting to the charging station! Features a J1772 inlet and a C13 receptacle.

1 review for J1772 to IEC C13 Adapter for Electric Motorcycle/Scooter

  1. Steven

    You are amazing to take my email from nothing and giving me all the options that I have to connect J1722 to an Ebike’s charger that I thought was stuck to only household outlet. I can’t believe you understand me as was hard for me to know and explain what the heck I was intending to do. I saw a device on YouTube, but I definitely don’t have the smarts to build my own. I appreciate all the long and late hours from emails. Also the wealth of knowledge you provided to me.
    Thank You In Advance,

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