Our new TT-30 Gen 1 adapter lets you charge your Tesla™ Model S™ or Model X™ with Gen 1 UMC at RV parks and campgrounds with 30 amp service. This adapter is also fully compatible with the JESLA™ charger for use with other EVs.

This adapter has an internal circuit that communicates with the car to automatically set the appropriate 24 amp charging current. No need to manually set the current – simply plug it in! The plug has a convenient finger hole to make it easier and safer to plug in and unplug. Length is 18 inches.

Which adapter do you need?

Tesla™ vehicles delivered prior to December 15th 2017 came with the Gen 1 UMC. All new Tesla™ vehicles come with the Gen 2 UMC. If you’re not sure, take a look at the charger cord that came with your car, and compare to the pictures below:

If your Tesla™ came with the Gen 2 UMC, it will not work with this adapter – choose one of the adapters in this category instead. All new Tesla™ vehicles come with the Gen 2 UMC. If your vehicle has the Gen 1 UMC, you can use this adapter.

Weight .75 lbs

1 review for TT-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S and Model X Gen 1

  1. John Wilkins

    I stay in a mobile home in a park. I was lucky enough I already had this plug type installed in my outside outlet box. I got this adapter and have left it plugged in and out side for the last 2 months and it works great. So the big question how much do you get in charge.

    So when everything shuts off you get 10 miles a hour. so over night charging is what is is best for. I was going to upgrade to the higher voltage one but that was 500 bucks I right now we are not going any where so this works great.

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