Introducing the newest EV charger from ZenCar. This 32 amp model is adjustable so you can charge at virtually any power outlet if you have the right adapter (we offer a large selection of compatible adapters separately). The built-in digital display shows charging progress including energy usage and power level. Tapping on the display cycles through the available power levels: 10, 16, 20, 24, and 32 amps. The charger also has an optional time delay function which can be activated by swiping on the display. This is useful if you want to begin charging a few hours after plugging in, to take advantage of lower off-peak energy rates. The included wall mount bracket safely holds the charger while using it at home. If you wish to take it with you, simply unplug and lift it out of the cradle. This charger is equally at home on the road and, well, at your home. Cable length is about 25 feet.


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