J1772 to NEMA 5-15/5-20 EV Charger Adapter for E-Bike/Scooter/One wheel, etc.

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Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

Adapter only, Adapter with 2 outlets, Adapter with 3-outlet power strip


With our new J1772 EV adapter, you can now charge your e-bike, electric scooter, “hover” wheel, or nearly any personal electric vehicle at all public J1772 charging stations even if you don’t have a J1772 inlet on your vehicle. You can also power nearly anything else that has a standard electrical plug as long as it can also operate at 240V. This adapter works by using a specially designed circuit inside the plug that basically tricks the charging station into thinking a vehicle is connected and ready to charge. Features a J1772 inlet and a NEMA 5-20 T-blade style receptacle which can accommodate all NEMA 5-15 and NEMA 5-20 appliance cords – that’s essentially all devices sold in the US and Canada (if your device is capable of operating at 220V – see note below). Note: This adapter has been tested with the Vespa Elettrica and is compatible with this vehicle.

Do you need more than one outlet? We can include a 3-outlet power strip with your new adapter – just select it from the options above.

CAUTION! Make sure your EV charger or appliance is configured to operate on 220V before connecting to the charging station! Most charging stations operate at about 220V, so this is very important. Refer to the label on your device’s power supply – if it indicates it can accept 220V or above, then you can definitely safely use it with this adapter; however if not, then please DO NOT USE – misuse may damage your device.

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Additional information

Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

Adapter only, Adapter with 2 outlets, Adapter with 3-outlet power strip

58 reviews for J1772 to NEMA 5-15/5-20 EV Charger Adapter for E-Bike/Scooter/One wheel, etc.

  1. Denis Javier Zamora

    I have used this adapter to charge my vespa elettrica 2020 usa model that came with a standard 110v plug, I plug in into the public charging station with out any problems….

  2. MrPRSTO

    Tested the adapter today to charge my 2020 Zero FXS and it worked great. It’s well made and I received it in about 10 days!

  3. VanDreams (verified owner)

    Does anyone know what the true voltage output is? I’m guessing it represents one leg of the 220V that is the output of the EV charger? I’m being thrown off by the warnings regarding 220V — but how could a NEMA 5-15 possibly output 220V?

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      Most EV charging stations output about 208V to 240V. This adapter supplies a NEMA 5-15 connection as a convenience feature for easy connection to chargers that come with the American standard power cord but are capable of operating at the higher input voltage (a lot of ebike chargers are made for international voltage compatibility so can handle 220V easily but for the American market they ship with the NEMA 5-15 plug). Just be careful to only use this adapter for 220V-capable appliances.

  4. Adam Zickgraf

    Wow!! I received this high quality product within a week, here in San Francisco, and downloaded the plugshare app. I set my parameters(free charging, connector type, etc.) and quickly located a charge station. I charged my Sur Ron X for 30 minutes while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and got a 15% charge increase. I have recommended this product to everyone I know that is using electric vehicles. I can not believe that I did not think about buying this years ago. Thank you for making this. Cheers.

  5. Philip Ouellette

    Question from a prospective customer.

    Does this device deliver 15A or 20A? The plug indicates 20A since they used a NEMA 5-20R plug, but considering they are using a 120V plug for 230V, this doesn’t necessarily mean a thing.

    Incidentally, the correct plug to use in North America is either a NEMA 6-15R or a 6-20R (depending on the current capability of the adapter).

    I am thinking about buying one, but it I do I will replace the NEMA 5-20R plug with a correct 6-15R or 6-20R plug. Seems fairly dangerous to have something like this laying about.

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      You’re right, this adapter can be dangerous if misused. We use a NEMA 5-20R connector for compatibility with existing devices such as ebike chargers which already come with a standard NEMA 5-15 cord but can operate at 120 or 240V (most of these have universal-voltage input). The adapter can safely output up to 20 amps. You could certainly buy the adapter and change out the connector for a NEMA 6-20 if you wish. Thank you for the feedback. BTW we do also offer this type of adapter with a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 connector, and those versions are rated for up to 50 amps output – you can find them on the same page.

  6. James Raddin

    Could I use a product like this to then connect to my EcoFlow Delta Lithium Ion Battery / Solar Controller?

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      According to the specifications on EcoFlow’s website, their device accepts AC Charge Input Voltage of “100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz) (International Version 220-240Vac ONLY)”. I’m not absolutely certain what this means, but it sounds like they make two versions with their US model accepting 120V and their international one accepting 220V. If that is so, then you would have to have their international version if you will be connecting to an EV charger with our adapter, because most EV chargers output 208-240V. I also see that their international version has a C13 inlet, so I would advise selecting our J1772 to C13 adapter instead of this one.

  7. EH

    Do you have a UK version of this, and do you ship to the UK?

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      Yes, we do ship to the UK! We offer a Type 2 charger to Schuko adapter, which is more suitable for the UK and Europe. Although it has a schuko outlet, you could connect to a UK outlet converter or cut off the connector and wire on your own UK type receptacle.

  8. Calvin Cheung (verified owner)

  9. Garrett Cooper

    Garrett Cooper (verified owner)

    How is the J1772 wired to communicate over CP? Is there a pull down for CP to earth ground and if so what value?

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      Yes, there is a pull-down resistor and a diode inside, in line with J1772 specification. If you want to DIY, you can do a web search for images using the term “j1772 control pilot resistor” and you’ll find the relevant schematics and parts values.

  10. Marc Gautreau (verified owner)

    Well, fits the car charger and the e-bike but would not charge

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Joseph (verified owner)

  13. Justen Durr

    Justen (verified owner)

    It didn’t work for my charger. I ended up taking it apart and building a working adapter with a true signal and pilot lead. The build turned out pretty cool because I added a volt and amp meter to it. You might have better luck. Well I was disappointed that the adapter did not work out of the box, but it did push me to research and build something way cooler. So I can’t really be mad.

  14. Eduardo (verified owner)

    great adapter, love this thing.

  15. Gabe

    Could I use this with a Bluetti 500eh/300w power bank? I couldn’t tell from website specs. Thanks!

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      I went onto Bluetti’s website and researched that product. From what I understand about it, the answer is YES. Based on the type of AC charger that Bluetti uses (it appears to be a switching power supply), our J1772 adapter should work well with all of their power banks. Still, make sure to check the specifications label on the back of their AC charger before using, to make certain that it is rated for 240V – but from my research I’m 95% sure that it is.

  16. Jay Johnson

    How many of these ( see photos)
    could I run off this adapter at once with a power strip?

    Or better yet. What product do you recommend that would lete me run the most amount of charges at once?

    Image #1 from Jay Johnson
    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      Based on the rating of 3A on the label, you can run up to 6 chargers at once using this adapter with a power strip. Most likely though, at 220V your chargers probably won’t pull more than half the current, so in that case you could likely run as many as 12 of them at once. To be sure though, I’d recommend testing the adapter with your charger, at a charging station that displays power output. This way, you can find out exactly how much power your charger uses in reality, as the figure on the label is often much higher than its actual requirement. Our adapter is rated for up to 16 amps.

  17. Aaron K Garceau (verified owner)


  18. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong purchasing this item.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    blew away my e bike on the first use

  20. Randall (verified owner)

    Happy, works perfectly. We bought a 50mm hole saw which was a little small, it should be a 52mm. In hindsight we should have purchased the 6-50 or 14-50 adapter for only a few dollars more, to better support the full 30A available from the charging station. Our current charger is drawing 20A which is working fine, but we would like to upgrade it to 30A

  21. Dan L. (verified owner)

  22. Ulo (verified owner)

  23. Jose A. (verified owner)

  24. Joseph Goldin

    Joseph G. (verified owner)

    Works really well with my Onewheel GT!

    Image #1 from Joseph G.
    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      Thanks for the review and photo. I’m glad you can charge your Onewheel at the EV charging stations now!

  25. Horace Powell (verified owner)

    keep it with my bike and go to the app for use

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Robert S. (verified owner)

    Works great. Fast shipping. I highly recommend. Takes the range anxiety away 100%

  28. Caley (verified owner)

    Very happy with the charger adapter, disappointed with the three outlet option expected myself to have three tails coming out of the plug instead of a three-way adapter. I have several of those, and to top it off the three-way adapter is not rated on the plastic for 220v, I don’t know if that makes a difference but everything else I’m using is

    Image #1 from Caley
    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      The three-way outlet strip is indeed safe to use at 220v. Thanks for the review and picture, I’m glad the adapter itself works well for you although the three-way outlet strip was not needed.

  29. Javier Rojas

    Javier R. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Javier R.
  30. Tatiana A. (verified owner)

    Great product. Works as described. Thank you.

  31. Jan Wensveen

    Jan (verified owner)

    Great product.. you and your friends can all charge your scooter..ebike. anything as long as 220v charger

  32. Thomas N. (verified owner)

    I recently bought a 2014 Zero SR electric motorcycle and had no way to charge it at my apartment except for our public EV chargers. This adapter cable has worked out perfectly!

  33. Mitchell Van iderstine

    Mitchell Van iderstine (verified owner)

    works awesome, i use it for my sur ron or my onewheel.
    i bought the dual plug so i can also charge my phone at the same time, just make sure you check that your phone charging block is rated for it.
    recommend for sure and its worth the money.
    works really well with super socos or even a zero motorcycle with an external fast charger.

  34. James (verified owner)

    Great adapter

  35. Bill Danyeur

    Bill D. (verified owner)

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. andrew (verified owner)

    Perfect. Heavy duty, and haven’t seen any arcing. Use it to charge my e bike at ev spots.

  38. Stéphane Deguise (verified owner)

  39. Daniel Kessell

    Daniel Kessell (verified owner)

    Adapter works perfectly. Using it to charge my CSC city slicker electric motorcycle anywhere in town. Will definitely recommend this for everyone which has a power brick that can accept 240V

  40. super73_maryland (verified owner)

    The adapter works great charging 3 ebikes at the same time. Im planning to hook up a power meter like a kill a watt meter. . My question is it safe to use a meter pictured above that has an applicable voltage of 120v AC? Since most EV charging station puts out between 208-240v.

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      If you want to hook up a power meter, make sure the meter is also rated for 240V. A Kill-a-watt meter would not work here since it’s a 120v meter.

  41. Jhocer Oliveros

    Jhocer O. (verified owner)

    The item is tried and tested… Really works great with my 110/220 EUC Charger from e-wheels for 100V Electric Uni Cycle

  42. Allen Gifford

    Allen G. (verified owner)

  43. Lovell King II

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Robust construction. We got 2 of these for our Ebikes and tested them at an EV Charging station. Outstanding! You should get this product NOW in case God throws down a Holy Sodom & Gomorra-type Holy Wrath–OR if this current Evil Biden Administration’s supply of munitions and weapons to Nazis and civilian-killers come back home to roost!

  44. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Fonctionne très bien. Je l’amène toujours lors de mes ride. Permet d’avoir l’esprit tranquille. Merci.

  45. Bryan S. (verified owner)

    Nice product, but BS offering the 3 outlet version. I was expecting the 3 outlets integrated into the product. If I knew it was a 1 to 3 separate extension, I would’ve bought my own for a lot less than $15.

  46. Thiago S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. We’ve charged 6 PEVs on it at once! Works perfectly.

    Image #1 from Thiago S.
    Image #2 from Thiago S.
  47. Chris (verified owner)

    Charger works perfectly, as it should. No issues at all this far. Canadian city here needs more free charging ports though. We pay by the time spent charging, not by how much power we use. Only real advise, plan your project out ahead of time. Had i thought my project out better, I would have ordered the 3 outlet version instead of the single. But do far, love it!!!

    Image #1 from Chris
  48. caleb b. (verified owner)

    Works great, hooked up to a chargepoint charger to charge my electric longboard and it worked!

  49. Melvin (verified owner)

    It fried/killed my escooter

    • John Rowell

      evseadapters (store manager)

      I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s very important to check the label on your device to make sure it is compatible before use. As stated on the product page, this adapter is only to be used with e-scooter chargers that can operate at 220V.

  50. Andrew nau

    Andrew nau (verified owner)

  51. Nicholas Anderson

    Nicholas Anderson (verified owner)

    I’m using this adapter as a back up to my solar system in my camper van. I have a 60 amp lithium battery charger connected to this that can top of my house batteries. I tested it out on a Charge Point EVSE and it worked great!

    Image #1 from Nicholas Anderson
    Image #2 from Nicholas Anderson
  52. junior perry (verified owner)

    very happy with product.

  53. Nicholas Anderson

    Nicholas Anderson (verified owner)


  54. Rajesh Chowdhury

    Rajesh (verified owner)

    It works great.

  55. Guillermo (verified owner)

    I have a electric bike with this cable be able to charge on ev stations

  56. Theresa Faubert

    Theresa (verified owner)

    Works perfectly to charge our ebikes from ev car chargers.

  57. Robert Ruszkowski

    Robert R. (verified owner)

    Works Great!!!

  58. Brian Bales

    Brian Bales (verified owner)

    The product looks good and strong and as described but after connecting it to at least four different units in Seattle I couldn’t get it to work with any of them or find it compatible with a couple of others.
    So two months in I have not gotten to work at all at this point

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