With our new J1772 EV adapter, you can now charge your e-bike, electric scooter, “hover” wheel, or nearly any personal electric vehicle at all public J1772 charging stations even if you don’t have a J1772 inlet on your vehicle. You can also power nearly anything else that has a standard electrical plug as long as it can also operate at 240V. This adapter works by using a specially designed circuit inside the plug that basically tricks the charging station into thinking a vehicle is connected and ready to charge. Features a J1772 inlet and a standard NEMA 5-20 style receptacle which can accommodate devices having either NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 5-20 plugs – that’s essentially all devices sold in the US and Canada. Note: This adapter has been tested with the Vespa Elettrica and is compatible with this vehicle.

CAUTION! Make sure your EV charger or appliance is configured to operate on 220V before connecting to the charging station! Most charging stations operate at about 220V, so this is very important. Refer to the label on your device’s power supply – if it indicates it can accept 220V or above, then you can definitely safely use it with this adapter; however if not, then please DO NOT USE – misuse may damage your device.

3 reviews for J1772 to NEMA 5-15/5-20 EV Charger Adapter for E-Bike/Scooter/One wheel, etc.

  1. Denis Javier Zamora

    I have used this adapter to charge my vespa elettrica 2020 usa model that came with a standard 110v plug, I plug in into the public charging station with out any problems….

  2. MrPRSTO

    Tested the adapter today to charge my 2020 Zero FXS and it worked great. It’s well made and I received it in about 10 days!

  3. VanDreams (verified owner)

    Does anyone know what the true voltage output is? I’m guessing it represents one leg of the 220V that is the output of the EV charger? I’m being thrown off by the warnings regarding 220V — but how could a NEMA 5-15 possibly output 220V?

    • evseadapters

      Most EV charging stations output about 208V to 240V. This adapter supplies a NEMA 5-15 connection as a convenience feature for easy connection to chargers that come with the American standard power cord but are capable of operating at the higher input voltage (a lot of ebike chargers are made for international voltage compatibility so can handle 220V easily but for the American market they ship with the NEMA 5-15 plug). Just be careful to only use this adapter for 220V-capable appliances.

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