Ultimate 11-piece NEMA Adapter Bundle for Tesla Gen 2
  • Ultimate 11-piece NEMA Adapter Bundle for Tesla Gen 2

Ultimate 11-piece NEMA Adapter Bundle for Tesla Gen 2

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Our ultimate NEMA Adapter Bundle for Tesla Gen 2 includes 10 different adapters to fit the majority of electrical outlets you are likely to come across in your travels. These adapters work with the Gen 2 mobile charging cord included with all new Tesla vehicles. Just like Tesla's OEM adapters, they automatically set the correct charging rate based on the type of outlet. They are compatible with all Tesla vehicles delivered from 2018 and later, including Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Our bundle includes the following items:

  1. NEMA 14-50 Adapter (50A RV and electric ranges)
  2. NEMA 14-30 Adapter (dryer outlets)
  3. NEMA 10-50 Adapter (electric range outlets)
  4. NEMA 10-30 Adapter (dryer outlets)
  5. NEMA 6-50 Adapter
  6. NEMA 6-30 Adapter
  7. NEMA 6-15 Adapter (also fits most NEMA 6-20 outlets)
  8. NEMA L6-30 Adapter
  9. NEMA L14-30 Adapter
  10. TT-30 Adapter (30A RV outlets)
  11. Nylon carrying bag

The first 6 adapters fit most 240V outlets found in homes and shops where electric ranges, dryers, or welders are used. The seventh adapter fits most motel air conditioner outlets. The 8th and 9th ones fit many generators and event hookups. The first and last ones fit RV park and campground hookups.

Our special nylon carrying bag is also included as a bonus. This bag is designed for carrying electric vehicle charging adapters and has ample room for all these adapters and your Tesla charging cord together.

The Tesla-compatible adapters included here are manufactured exclusively by EVSE Adapters. We are an independent manufacturer with no affiliation to Tesla. Tesla's trademarks are included here for reference purpose only.

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