Our TT-30 Gen 2 adapter lets you charge your Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model Y, or Model X with Gen 2 UMC at RV parks and campgrounds with 30 amp service.

For your safety, this adapter has an internal circuit that monitors the plug temperature and communicates with the car to automatically set the appropriate 24 amp charging current. No need to manually set the current – simply plug it in! Features folding handle to make it easy to plug in and unplug. Cable length is 12 inches. We use a thicker cable for maximum efficiency and it also is more comfortable to grip onto when connecting and disconnecting it from your Tesla vehicle’s mobile connector. Made exclusively by EVSE Adapters.

Which adapter do you need?

Tesla™ vehicles delivered prior to December 15th 2017 came with the Gen 1 UMC. All new Tesla vehicles come with the Gen 2 UMC. If you’re not sure, take a look at the charger cord that came with your car, and compare to the pictures below:

If your Tesla came with the Gen 1 UMC, it will not work with this adapter – choose one of the adapters in this category instead. All new Tesla vehicles come with the Gen 2 UMC and can use this adapter.

Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

3 reviews for TT-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y Gen 2

  1. BRIAN K TURK (verified owner)

    Worked as expected. Fast shipping and customer service was responsive. Best plug for “camping” at 30 amp sites. Used on a Model Y and averaged 9 mph for charging rate. Do yourself a favor and buy an adapter with thermal protection built in like this one.

  2. Adam M (verified owner)

    Using on a 2021 Model 3 Standard Plus. Charges at 12-13 miles per hour (120V and 24A). I already had a TT-30 outlet at my house so buying this adapter saved me from spending $500+ on getting a compatible outlet or Tesla charger installed. The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here; the adapter is not cheap but it shipped fast, seems very fell made, and performs exactly as advertised. I used it in the rain the other night with no problems. I’ll update my review pending long-term performance.

  3. Sid Sadanand (verified owner)

    Used this adapter extensively for a week of car camping across several provincial parks and campsites. The charge rate was sufficient for auto HVAC in 5-15°C weather in our 2018 P3D while gaining ~15-20% charge per night. The seating in the UMC is sufficiently tight as to be OEM-level water resistant. The built-in temperature probe gave peace of mind, and downrated current as needed at poorly-maintained campsite outlets. Bit stiff, still has an incorrigible curl to the cable after ~8mos. intermittent use, making packing within the Tesla UMC bag a bit cumbersome. The plug handle is excellent

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